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Extracting inactive users



We are currently running an externally hosted TestRail instance and we believe we do not have access to the backend database. We were hoping to run some SQL to identify inactive users (i.e. users not logged in for 120 days or more). Is there anyway Gurock can add this feature on the front end? Or can Gurock provide this information for us (those who have an externally hosted TestRail, thus no access to db) ?


We have an internal instance and I needed to make queries to basically see the same thing. With the current architecture it is very difficult. If you force people to log in and out every single time it would be a easier via the sessions table I believe. I had to check against anyone updating cases and being assigned runs XX days back and their user id was not used during the XX days for updating and being assigned runs.


Hi all!

Thanks for your posting. There’s currently no built-in functionality for this but we are happy to look into this (thanks for your suggestion!). TestRail currently doesn’t store all necessary information to provide this feature though and only has limited knowledge of the user activity beyond the current user session.



Hi, just bumping this thread up from 2 years ago :slight_smile: Could we know if we can have this functionality now? Thanks!



Thanks for your feedback! We still have plans to look into this, however we don’t have any specific timeline/ETA at the moment.



I vote for this. I also have been waiting for any feature or functionality to identify inactive users.


Hi Yoshi,

Thanks for your feedback! Happy to add another vote to this request on your behalf.




Would like to bump this thread about extracting inactive Users. Had a check around the forums and also found a similar enhancement request :

Any updates please?


For the benefit of updating this thread, it looks like our wish was finally granted! Thank you!

Though haven’t tried it myself yet (our instance being updated I think as it is in maintenance mode now), will check it out once available.