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Extract data from testrail


Hi - am new to testrail so please excuse the question.

Is it possible to query the testrail instance we have data within using a 3rd party tool e.g. we would connect to our instance of the DB using ODBC or JDBC and run our own sql select statements? I wish to automate exporting data into a business intelligence tool?




Hi Martin,

Thanks for the post! Whether you have access to your TestRail database would depend on the version of TestRail you use. With TestRail Server, you would host your database on your own server and have access to its contents. With TestRail Cloud, however, you would not have access to the database to perform any direct queries, as it would be stored on our secured servers.

With either version, we would recommend you use the API anyway, as we specifically designed the API so you can retrieve data in an effective and safe manner. You can review our API documentation here:

Please note that with TestRail Server, you should never directly write to or change anything in TestRail’s database. This would break the consistency of the database, even small changes you might find unproblematic, and we would not be able to offer support for a database which has been altered.


Hi Jon, many thanks for the reply. I will take a look at the specification and let you know how i get on. thanks Martin