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Externally blessed reports?


Are there plans to have reports that can be blessed and viewed without logging in to TestRail? I’m imagining a dashboard or view for developers who want to see test status but shouldn’t need a license or account.



I’ve also requested this :slight_smile: I specifically would love to see a Confluence plugin that publishes a Test Suite or Test Run to a wiki page.



Thanks for your postings. Yes, TestRail 3.0 will come with a new reporting area and this will also allow you to send reports via email to external people without a TestRail account. This will also support scheduling and automatically sending reports in regular intervals. It is still recommended to have TestRail’s accounts for all people involved in testing/development though and this makes it much easier and convenient to work together as a team and allows everyone to contribute.

It is also planned to look into providing integrations with Jira and/or Confluence dashboards but this won’t be available with the next version.

I hope this helps and please let me know in case you have any further question.