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External auth: Bind: Can't contact LDAP server (failed to retrieve user object)"

I am getting External auth: Bind: Can’t contact LDAP server (failed to retrieve user object) after running a test suite and posting results to the testrail. There is no problem connecting to the testrail corportate account before I run the test suite. But seems like some test is not updating the testrail and leaving my account in hanging process before it publishes the testruns to testrail portal.

After this error comes up, I am not able to login into testrail either unless the admin resets my password.

Hi Abha,

If you are able to log into your TestRail instance as normal then suddenly getting this error. Then it’s likely an issue with your company’s LDAP authentication service. You’ll want to alert IT of this and it’s likely other systems are affected. Hopefully this was only a temporary service down issue but please reach out to your IT team to confirm.

Alternatively if you had received this error while using TestRail’s API, try generating an API key instead as an alternate means of authentication.

Thanks for the reply. I thought the same reason, but I asked my peers to sign in using their LDAP account and they could successfully sign in. When this error happens while creating a testrun from test suite codebase, I am not able to sign in testrail account.

I will reconfirm this again

About the API Key, I am not able to use the API key from test code. It is asking me to enter the plain text password. Does API key work with LDAP accounts?

The API key functions separately from user’s password and is unaffected regardless of if you do or do not use LDAP. The only situation that would disable an API is either the user removes the key or an Admin forces a password reset on the account (for safety reasons).