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Extended api to add whole test plans/cases/runs hierarchy



What’s the proper method for adding a new plan and adding suites/cases to that plan using the extended api (we have v1.4)?

When I try to use add_plan, along with a suite id as a parameter, it adds the plan to the database, but without any test cases associated with it. When I try to view it on the webpage or use add_plan_entries, I get an “invalid plan id” error (I assume because there aren’t any cases associated with it).

Here is an entry added by the extended miniapi:


Here’s an entry added by the webpage:


They don’t seem to match.



Hi Brandon,

Thanks for your posting. We’ve changed and improved the test plan API functionality since API version 1.4. I’ve just sent you the updated files in a separate email and it would be great if you could test the new version.