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Extend UI timeout



We have configured out TestRail instance to use LDAP authentication and it works fine. However, users are complaining that their session times out when they are working in a different browser tab for an extended period of time forcing them to reenter credentials. I looked in the admin section but could not see an option to extend the session timeout. How do I go about changing this setting?

Thanks for your help!


If they use the “Keep me logged in…” check box:

They should not ever be logged out even if the PC is rebooted no matter how many tab are open.

Is this browser specific or can it be a LDAP authentication constraint?


Thanks for your response. However, I am using external auth, so its the browser authentication dialog that shows up and not TestRail’s login page. This happens regardless of the browser. Other internal websites don’t ask for authentication that often, so I don’t think this is an LDAP constraint.



I’d check with your network admin. I’ve had an LDAP setup at another company and there was no session timeout.

It might be that there is a session timeout policy in place.