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Exporting to CSV or Excel format and importing same file back to TestRail fails



I have made some experimentation. It seems that exporting and importing works when using the XML format.

But there are issues when using either CSV or Excel format in exporting and then trying to import the same file. I am exporting few examples to get a good template for the file, so that I can use the same template and mapping when actually importing data from other sources.

It seems to work for test cases (text), but there are some issues when using test cases(steps).

Issue 1:
Exporting to test case (steps) in Excel format seems to lose some data regarding the steps

Issue 2:
Exporting to test case (steps) in CSV format seems to contain the test steps, but importing it back to TestRail does not seem to work. The test steps are not shown properly, but everything is in one test step.

Have I forgotten something, or are there some settings that I am not using correctly, or are there issues in the functionality.

You can easily try to reproduce this issue.


Hi Asmo,

Thanks for the post! For the first issue, can you give me a little more info about what appears to be missing when doing an Excel export? I’ve tested these exports in my own instance and I’ve not run into any data loss issues, so any further details you can provide would be very helpful.

Regarding importing test steps, TestRail would expect a multi-line format for test steps with each step on it’s own row sequentially. You can read more about the import process for cases with separate steps in the guide here:

Currently, TestRail does not support exporting its data in this way, so after exporting a test case you would need to do some editing to have each step on its own row. That being said, we do have a feature request to allow for exporting separate steps in this format, and I’ve added your vote which helps us prioritize new features for future releases.

I hope that clarifies things! Let us know if you have any further questions.