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Exporting Test Cases in XML- are not styled for html


Hi, We are new to Testrail and have a need to export test cases so our clients can review them. We do not want them directly in Testrail.

The xml export produces an non-styled data format. Does anyone know of a good xml to html converter or have another solution?

Having the xml export produce reports that can display in a browser would be a great feature.

We end up exporting to excel, but that takes a lot of formatting and customization of the spreadsheet to get it ‘user’ readable.

Thanks for your help.


Hello Thomas,

Thanks for your posting. We currently don’t have examples for converting the XML exports to HTML. There’s a variety of tools you could use for this though (such as XSLT) but you can also look into writing a simple custom script for this and this would probably be the most flexible solution. You would just need to go through the XML file via an XML parser and can then output the corresponding HTML for this.

If you just want to generate printable/shareable reports of test runs/plans/milestones etc., you can also look into the summary reports on the Reports tab in TestRail or use the print views (via the printer icon when viewing a test suite/run/plan or milestone).

I hope this helps and please let us know in case anything is unclear.