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Exporting Test Cases by Custom Field for Review


I would like to select test cases out of TestRail (or link into some sort of report) for broader review. I was thinking that I would export them into a wiki document, but creating a report, or spreadsheet I can link to from the wiki would be acceptable too.

I did find the way to export test cases by “section” into a spreadsheet or XML, but I would also like to select based on other fields and values.

I am new to TestRail, so I am not sure if there is a way and I just have not found it yet. Thanks for your help.


Here’s a couple of options:

  1. If you have enough licenses create a read-only guest account so that people can view the test cases.
    2.If that doesn’t work you can create PDFs of the test cases as follows. NOTE: You’ll need a PDF driver which will allow to “print” to a PDF.

  2. Go to the Test Suite

  3. Click the Printer icon

  4. In the popup window choose Details from the dropdown (it’s initially set to Outline)

  5. Click Print

  6. Choose the PDF printer or however yours is setup.

  7. Email the PDFs.


Hi Bill!

Thanks for your posting. Giving your other team members access to TestRail is the recommended way as Don mentioned (thanks!). You would need a separate license per person who accesses/uses TestRail. Giving your team access means that they can conveniently review the progress directly in TestRail and even contribute.

You can alternatively create reports on the Reports tab and send them to people without access to TestRail, or use the print views (via the printer icon) on the Test Cases, Test Runs & Results, etc. pages to create very detailed reports of your test cases and/or runs + results. You would just need to click on the printer icon and then print the views via a PDF printer (nowadays available out of the box with most modern browsers, otherwise you can always install a separate PDF printer).

I hope this helps!