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Exporting milestone not exporting all test cases


I’ve got a milestone consisting of 9 test runs totaling 10,782 cases. I’m trying to export the results to .csv so I can run some reporting on them.

The problem is, when I export the milestone, the .csv file only shows 8,896 records.

A deeper analysis shows that all test cases of the first 5 runs within the milestone are exported, the remaining runs are ignored.

Any clue as to why this would be?


I’ve actually created another test milestone just now and tried it out with a lesser number of tests and it still only pulls the first 5 test plans (not runs) from the milestone and ignores the rest.

This new milestone was 8 test plans totaling 7803 tests and when exported to .csv the file shows only 5 runs worth of data totaling 5195 tests.

Definitely something broken here.


Hi Robbie,

Thanks for your posting. Are you using TestRail Server or TestRail Cloud ( You may hit a limit on the number of tests/results you can export in a single go and for very large result sets, you can also look into exporting your results per test run.



Not sure but I’m assuming its TestRail Server. I get this from the about page.
TestRail v5.2.0.3452

I’ll look into getting results per run then.


Hi Robbie,

Thanks for your reply. This is TR Server then and I would recommend increasing the default memory limit of your PHP installation. The limit is quite low by default and you can ask your TR administrator/IT to increase the limit as follows:

This change usually just takes 1-2 minutes to apply (configuration change and web-server restart).



Thanks Tobias. I’ve emailed our administrator asking them to make the change you suggested. If they have any follow up questions then I’ll ask them here.


I spoke with our admin and they bumped memory up to 512MB and when I export a milestone of 690 test cases I get 434 in the output file.

I have milestones with 4000 test cases that I want to be able to export in one go.

Do you have a memory size scale that we can reference in order to make sure we have enough memory to handle these larger exports?


Hi Robbie,

Thanks for the update! Can you please have your TestRail administrator enable system debug logs and reproduce the issue so that we can see if there are any errors that occur:

You can then e-mail the log file into us directly at so we can investigate this. Please also note that you should disable debug logging after reproducing the issue as these can be quite resource intensive due to the many lines written to the log file. Looking forward to your email!