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Exporting "Last Active" column in users listing?

We’re running 5.5.1 on our system right now, and are very happy to see the “Last Active” column in the Users & Roles listing – thank you for that. We’ve been running with it for a while now, and would like to generate a list of folks who still show up as “Never logged in” so we can easily query them to find out if they still need their accounts active. I used the “Export Users” button at the top of the list, and it exported User, Email Address, Status, and Role, but it left out “Last Active”. Is there a way to export that field, too?

Hi @faith ,

Thanks for the post! Currently, the CSV export from the administration area of TestRail does not include the “Last Active” timestamp for your users. That said, since you are using TestRail Server, you may be able to query this from the TestRail database, as discussed in the forum post here:

Please keep in mind that you should never directly write to the TestRail database, as this could cause inconsistencies and errors in TestRail which we would not be able to support.

I hope this helps,

Thanks, @jon.reynolds . Is this information available via the REST interface, or only directly through DB queries?

Hi @faith,

The information would not be available through TestRail’s API, so you would need to query it directly from the database.