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Exporting from Testlink to TestRail


Hey guys,
I’ve recently started working with TestRail and am planning to move some of our tests from Testlink.
I managed to export all the Testlink cases to an XML and import them back to TestRail after using the script, but for some reason none of the test cases have their Steps or Expected Results.
Just the Preconditions.
Any ideas what went wrong?

I exported from TestLink 1.9.5 by going to Test Specification, clicking the first branch and clicking Export All Test Suites.

Any help will be much appreciated -:slight_smile:




Thanks for your posting. The conversion script expects the separated steps field to be enabled/configured in TestRail (as TestLink uses a similar layout). You can configure this in TestRail as follows:

Please make sure to use the same system name as in the documentation (the script expects this). After adding the field, you should also see the steps/expected results in TestRail.

I hope this helps!



Thanks for the quick reply.
Will this cause any problems with other test cases which were imported from CSV files, and use the default steps settings?


As long as you don’t delete the other custom fields, TestRail wouldn’t change the other test cases (deleting custom field would also fully the delete the data and cannot be undone). You will see the new separated steps field when you edit test cases (also the old ones) but viewing the old test cases would still look the same.



worked like a charm.
thanks a lot -:slight_smile:


That’s great to hear :smile: