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Exporting defects to XLS



Is there a way to export such list

to XLS file? With the bug name, creator, status from Testrail? Or should it be done from JIRA?

Because the report from Testrail looks like this


Hi @sko-czy!

You can generate a full list of defects from the regular test run status pages. To do this, you can use the CSV export and include the Defects/Defects All column in the export. This wouldn’t automatically include the issue title/name and other details but would generate a full list of found defects. You can generate this list on the milestone/plan or test run level.

(this is the test suite/case repository page but the export feature is the same on the milestone/plan/run pages)



Hello, I’m fairly new to using TestRails and I basically have the same question the link posted below (how to expert the defects to XLS). I tried the solution provided in the post however, I only see the option to export the Jira Id (‘Defects’ field) and no other information. Is there a way to get the Jira title as well?


Hi Kazue,

Thanks for your feedback. The recommendation mentioned previously wouldn’t include additional details such as the JIRA issue title/name or other details. This would just be used to get a list of the defect IDs themselves. Currently there isn’t an XLS/CSV export option that would include this information, however we’re happy to review this for a future update.