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Export with empty sections


I’ve created a test plan, with different test suites with not all sections added. In TR I can see only one section (out of many in that test suite). But when I export into xml, I see in xml all the sections under that test suite (but they are not included in the test plan). Is it a bug or a feature.

I’ve created a fop transformation that converts xml to pdf, and this is messing up my pdf test reports.

Any ideas more than helpfull. Thank you.


Hi Alena,

Thanks for your posting. You have likely changed the section mode to just show the current section. You can change this in the sidebar:

Just select “All groups and cases/tests” to see all sections and cases.



Hi Tobias,
this is more about export question. In the test plan I’ve selected only one section.
However this test suites has got more sections (but I don’t want to test all of them):

And in the xml export I see:
<section> <name>Cluster Configuration</name> <description></description> </section> <section> <name>Integration with GIM</name> <description>Handling calls from genesys agent desktop is different than hadling call by phones</description> </section> <section> <name>License Usage</name> <description>Test case for testing license consumation</description> </section> <section> <name>Configuration</name> <description></description> </section> <section> <name>Callrec Status</name> <description>service callrec status should show proper informations about avaya driver state</description> </section> <section> <name>HA</name> <description></description> </section> <section> <name>Negative testing</name> <description></description> </section> </sections>

In my opinion, since these section weren’t selected, than they should not be in the export at all. Please correct me if I’m mistaken.


Hi Alena,

Thanks for your feedback. Yes, that’s correct and I agree that this can be a bit confusing. The tests/cases are not included but I agree that the (excluded) sections shouldn’t be part of the exports as well. We will make sure to look into this, thanks for your feedback!