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Export UX suggestion


Hey guys,

Using the Export feature of the service to export test cases, i encountered a rather annoying UX issue that I thought I’d raise here.
The 1st window of the export (exporting to Excel) has radio button options to either export everything or select specific sections.
The list of sections is valid to be clicked even when the “everything” radio button is selected, and when a section there is clicked, the radio button doesn’t change to the “specific sections” radio button automatically.
In this manner, what happened to me several times was that I clicked a section from the list, aiming to export only that section, forgetting to select the radio button as well (my common expectation is that when i select a section, that means that this is the only section i want to export) and continued to export. Then I found myself with an exported file containing everything.

My suggestion is to implement one of the following:

  1. make sure that while the “everything” radio button is selected, the sections list belonging to the “specific sections” radio button is disabled and nothing can be selected inside it.
  2. make sure that when a user makes a section selection in list of sections, the radio “specific sections” radio button will become auto selected.

having said that, if you had an option to search and replace words in all selected test cases, it would solve my need to export altogether -:slight_smile:



Hi Ashim

Thanks for your feedback, that’s appreciated. We are happy to look into this and I agree that this makes sense :slight_smile:

I also added another vote to the search & replace feature.