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Export to xml using API


Restoring TestRail from backup in a large organization can cause a big headache…
I was wondering if there is an option to perform periodic export of test suite to local XML. That way i can “surgically” restore only the relevant test suite without harming other suites.
I could not find such option in the API guide.



Hi Shimon,

Thanks for your post! There currently isn’t an API method to trigger an export via the built-in export tools, so you would only be able to trigger this manually via the UI each time you need this. In general, we would recommend scheduling at least a daily backup so that you have this for emergencies in case a restore is needed. The XML import option wouldn’t support restoring test runs/results as this would only support restoring test cases. So it’s always a good idea to schedule regular full database backups in case you need this after an incident. We’re also happy to look into adding API methods to trigger XML/CSV/Excel exports for a future update. Hope this helps!



Thank you for the quick response.
We do have a daily backup, but it seems to be insufficient since many teams are working on this server in parallel, so full DB restoration affects too many people’s work. Isn’t there an option to perform partial backup (maybe per project/milestone) and perform partial restoration from it?

Basically, we would like to prevent a situation where one team’s mistake will not affect other teams.

Thanks again.


Export to xml using API feature is now available or not?