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Export to excel / csv - please HELP

Hi friends,

I’m having some difficulties when exporting test case to excel/ csv (with several steps and expected results), i get the file but all in one row (the step and expected results) .

Is there any solution for this?
is there an option to export to xml and then to excel in right format, meaning: one step and expected in one row and another steps & expected result in another row.

please help


need to know also how it can be done. anyone?

Hello Moshe,

Thank you for posting! Currently, the TestRail export tool would always include the individual test steps and expected results within the same ‘Steps (Step)’ or ‘Steps (Expected Result)’ cell in an Excel/CSV export. It is not possible to export these individual steps and/or expected results into multiple rows at the moment. If this is something that is required, you would need to manually split the individual test steps and expected results into separate rows. Depending on how the steps are structured, there may be some Excel function or similar that helps to separate these steps into separate rows.

The XML export/import tool was primarily designed for exporting and importing test cases specifically from one TestRail instance to another. Opening the XML export file in Excel may not provide your specific desired output. We are happy to review adding more customization options for the export tool and I have added this feedback to our existing feature request for this. That said, we do not have a specific timeframe/ETA to provide for this.