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Export to CVS/HTML/xlst: Exported test run data (comment, version or linked issues) is empty when exporting data with choosen "Last test run results" option after reassgning to someone



we are testing the TestRail now for our internal needs and have encountered a case when the last test run data (like a comment, version or linked issues) is Empty after exporting to any of three formats.

This takes place when the last action for testrun was issue reassignment to another user or to Nobody(unassigned).

To better understanding of the issue I’ve attached several screenshot with 2 cases of exporting results:
a. when “export all results and comments” option has been chosen;
b. when “export latest results only” option has been chosen"

For the case B Comment, defects, version fields are EMPTY although they must be filled with data

Expected result: Comment, defects, version fields are not EMPTY and the corresponding data belongs to the latest status of case (failed) are in the exported docs.

Could you please let us know how to fix this issue to avoid loss of data when exporting?


Hi Serj,

Thanks for your feedback. Yes, that’s the expected behavior as the latest result or change (the assignment) doesn’t have a comment in your case. For the Latest Result option, TestRail considers both actual results (with statuses) and simple comments/assignments and you would need to choose “All Results and comments” to include all previous results with comments as well.

I hope this helps!



Hi Tobias,

Thanks for your quick response


You are welcome, Serj, I hope this helped!