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Export testcases steps


I am trying to export my testcases from Testrail. But I can’t do this correctly. There are only the first step of each
case in exported csv file. But I very need all steps.

Can you help me, please?


Hi Alena,

Thanks for your posting! The exports include all steps but the CSV export uses a single cell for all steps and you may need to increase the cell height in Excel to see all details.



Thank you very mach! I read previous posts about the same problem, but didn’t see phrases "cell height"
Thank you one more time)))


Great to hear that this helps, Alena :slight_smile:




I am having a similar issue but with Importing steps. As you have said above, when you export the steps, all steps appear in a single cell and you have to adjust the height to see them.

I have tried to create several stepped tests in the same format that it is exported in e.g:

  1. Step 1 (Step) This is a text box where we should be putting the step.
  2. Step 2 (Step) This is a text box where we should be putting the step.
  3. Step 3 (Step) This is a text box where we should be putting the step."

But when I import them as a Stepped test, they appear as 1 Step with a list of 3 items and not 3 separate steps. How do I import stepped tests? This works when using XML fine, but not all users understand XML and will want to use CSV.

Thank You


Hi Nick,

Thanks for your posting. For the import, TestRail’s expects a multi-row layout when importing separate steps:

(see the “Multiple rows” option)

The CSV export format is not meant for migrating data from one TR instance to another (that’s what the XML format is for), so there are smaller deviations between the CSV export & import. The import fully supports separated steps and you can use a multi-row approach for this. You can also take a look at the steps example from our previous CSV import tool for an example: