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Export Testcases from Excel sheet


Im new to TestRail. I have customized the script provided. but after that im confused . How do I run the PHP script??


Hello Regin,

Thanks for your posting. You would need to run the PHP script (csv2testrail) via the command line. This works on both Windows (“cmd”) and Linux/Unix. The options for this tool are explained on the following page:

So, for example, if your csv file is named “cases.csv” and you would like to create a TestRail XML import file “cases.xml”, the command to execute would be:

php csv2testrail.php custom_filter.php cases.csv cases.xml

Are you on Windows or Linux/Unix?



I have a Windows.
I have created the script & file
Tried to execute the command frm CMD.

In cmd im getting error as :-
'php; is not recognized as internal or external command.
operable program or batch file.


Did I miss something?.



Hello Regin,

Thanks for the additional details. You would need to install php as a command line tool. How have you installed PHP (via the Windows Platform Installer as recommended?)?

Could you please check if you have a PHP directory in C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files (x86)?