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Export test runs via API



I think that enabling export of test runs via API can be very beneficial. Here’s the use case.
In my company, we decided to create a manual test procedure in which the entire engineering team will participate in exploring the entire application.
Many test cases were created in multiple test suites, all in a single project.
I automated a few parts of the process - generating test runs from all test suites using UI script/TR API and submitting them back from excel using Google sheets gs.
The missing link is the ability to export the test runs to excel. This I still need to do manually.

Thanks, Assaf


Hello Assaf,

Thanks for your posting. You can look into using the API methods to generate your own CSV/Excel files and the API methods would return all necessary information to do so. But I’ve also added your suggestion to our feature request list, thanks!



Thanks Tobias.

Obviously you’re right :)… one can parse the response and create whatever format he likes.



You are welcome, Assaf! :slight_smile:



This is probably not related directly to TR but how do I write all the selected fields into a local file?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Hello Assaf,

Thanks for your reply. This depends on the programming language you use and the format you would like to save the test cases in. The general idea would be to use the response from TestRail’s API to store your test cases in the CSV/Excel format you would like to use.