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Export test runs into a excel using test rail api


I am new to test rail api. my requirement is to export the test runs in form of excel . I dont find any api on how to export test runs , can you please guide me how to do that . is there any existing script for that. i am using python script.


Hi Nagakarthick,

Thanks for your post! You can use the get_runs API method to get a list of runs and their details, however this wouldn’t be converted into Excel or any other format as you would need to process this with client-side once you’ve retrieved the data. We would just recommend using the built-in export feature in TestRail to export via Excel as this would be the easiest option:

This can be used in test runs, test plans, milestones, and your test case repository as well. Hope this helps!



I’d like to bring this topic up again, as I am also looking for a solution.
As we are doing all our reporting (test cases & defects) in excel, I used to export (as shown above) the testrail data and copy it to my target excel.
Same for defects from jira.
Now I came up with the idea to fetch data from jira automatically to excel. So everytime I open the excel file or hit the refresh data button, the excel collects the data from jira. This works Perfect!!
Here is how this works Atlassian Jira

Is there any chance to implement something like this for a Test Plan/Run? With some way to configure which fields should be fetched (similar to the filter configuration in jira).

This would be awesome.