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Export Test Run vs. Test Plan


Perhaps I’m doing something wrong, but here goes anyway:

When I tell TestRail to export a Test Run to CSV, it gives the option to “Export the following sections only.” When I select this option, the sections available are the entirety of my master test repository, instead of the subset of only the tests that I specified in my test run. So unless I redo all the work of re-selecting ONLY those tests that I’ve included in this test run that I am exporting, I get an export of all tests within the selected section instead of those that this test run actually include.

Is there a way around this?


Hello Jeff,

Thanks for your posting! The export would only include tests that are actually part of the run so the case selection would still apply, regardless of the section filter. The section filter is just an additional filter to limit the exports to certain sections inside a test run.



I just verified that what you said is true after exporting again. I’m not sure why I saw conflicting data before. Thanks for your guidance and sorry for any confusion.


Great to hear that and I’m happy to help :smile: