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Export test cases to CSV/Excel


Hi Tobias & Denis -

Is there a way to export cases to CSV/Excel? I recall there being something in the API to do so but perhaps I am not recalling this clearly.

I’m not great with programming/scripting so perhaps you already have something compiled to do so?



Hello Knaledge,

Thanks for your posting. An export feature for test cases can be found in the toolbar of the test suites. When you view a test suite, it’s the icon with the arrow pointing to the right. Available export formats are CSV, Excel and XML. The export feature is also available for test runs, plans and milestone.

I hope this helps.



Is there any way to get each step and expected result in its own column? Step1, Expected1, Step2, Expected2, Step3, Expected3, etc. ?


Hello Knaledge,

This is not currently possible with the Excel/CSV format but you can use the generic XML export and convert this to a custom file as post-processing step (e.g. with a script or similar).