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Export test cases including URL



I have a large number of test cases in a suite, with the cases in different subsections. I want to send out an Excel spreadsheet for a test case review. What I would like to do is have a clickable URL for each exported line so the reviewers can open the spreadsheet, and click each URL that they are interested in reviewing.

I tried mucking about with excel formulas and the test case ID field, but testrail seems to want the section IDs embedded in the url.

Is there any way to export the suite, including a clickable URL for each case?

Jeff Zarend


Hello Jeff,

Thanks for your posting! The URLs for test cases can be generated via the test case IDs alone and you wouldn’t need to include anything else. For example, for the test case with ID C17, the following URL would point to the view-case page:


Is this what you are looking for?



Thank you, but that does not seem to work correctly for me. I build a url as you suggest, but when I click on it,
I end up at the dashboard.

This is the final URL that I end up AFTER I click on the constructed URL


Sorry, in my example the slashes are doubled. They are not really





https:// server name /index.php?/cases/view/212849

https:// server name /index.php?/dashboard


Hi Jeff,

Thanks for your reply. I believe this is an issue with how Excel formats the links and we’ve got reports in the past that it replaces forward slashes with backslashes under certain circumstances (which would make the /cases/view/212849 part invalid and TestRail would show the default dashboard page instead). You can see that the URL is working in general if you copy/paste it directly to your browser. I’m not sure if there’s a workaround for this Excel issue but you could try escaping the forward slashes in the URL after the question mark.



Thank you for your help. Now, just a matter of beating Excel until it does what I want.

thank you


Glad to hear that this helps and please let me know in case you have any further questions!