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Export Test Case - Bug in TestRail


I have tried an export of a test case with an attachment. However, a subsequent import does not import the attachment.
It is noted that a image file attached to a test step is actually exported/imported back successfully. This happens even if the image file is deleted from the computer

Hi there,

Thanks for the post! TestRail exports and imports wouldn’t be able to include the files that are directly attached to a test case or result, as these exports will only generate XML or Excel files, and wouldn’t be able to include the additional file types.

That being said, if there is an image or file that is embedded or being linked to by TestRail within a text field that will export, as it is using the text-based markdown formatting, and is referencing a file location directly, not including the location. If you drag or add an image file to a text field, it will automatically embed it for you to see, and exporting will include the reference, but not the file itself.

As a user, we expect the functionality to export everything in a test case/test run including attachments etc. If this is not possible then a clear indication about this should be given.