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Export reports to Excel



Is there a way to export reports created in TestRail to Excel?

If possible, it would be awesome since the export of reports to a zip-file feels a bit outdated to project managers.
A better overview would be to export it to Excel.

Thank you in advance.


Hello Joanna,

Thanks for your posting! An Excel export for the reports on the Reports tab is currently not possible but this is already on our feature request list. The ZIP/HTML version has the exact look & feel as the reports in TestRail and also includes the charts and everything else. It would be difficult to provide the same functionality with Excel but I understand that an additional, more structured format would also be great to have. I’m happy to add another vote to this feature request, thanks again!



Thank you for your fast reply and I hope this feature will be coming up soon then :smile:

Have a nice day! :sunflower:


You are welcome, Joanna.

You too have a nice a day/week :slightly_smiling:



Any news on this? This need popped up on my side too…


Hi Andreas,

Thank you for checking in on this. This is still in our list of features to add to TestRail. Rest assured this has not fallen off of our radar.


Any schedule so far? When can I work with this feature?


Hey Andreas,

Thank you for the post. I do not have a roadmap that I can share with you but hopefully this will be part of our next release.


This means, there is no target release date, right?


Hi Andreas,

Currently we do not have a specific date that we can offer.


The management in my company would like to see a roadmap, and I’d like this too…


Hi Andreas,

Thanks for your feedback! Like many software companies (e.g. such as Atlassian/JIRA and many others), we don’t have a public roadmap that we can share. We often work on many things in parallel and when any given feature is ready we implement it on the next version, and priorities can always change so we wouldn’t be able to provide any specific timeframe as we prefer not to overpromise and underdeliver. The best place to keep up to date on new features and releases would be on our blog as we always publish a new post with each release that details the new features/changes to TestRail:

Hope this helps!



Hi Team,

As of now is it possible to get excel report through TestRail. Any update on this?