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Export of All Test Case information via reports


Hi - is it possible export all test cases in the system via the reporting function rather than by project? The only way i can see to get all information out is to do a report 1 project by another. Any ideas. My other option is to use the java API but not sure whether they would allow it.


Hi Martin,

The reports are intended to be more focused as too much information can make them less useful. That said, if you are looking to pull large amounts of info, particularly across projects, it would be best to use the TestRail API.

If you do run into any rate limiting with your requests, you should get the 429 along with the message “API Rate Limit Exceeded - 180 per minute maximum allowed” and a “Retry-After” header. You can then parse the “Retry-After” header to automatically retry the API request after the specified number of seconds.


Hi - am I correct in stating that I would have to pull back the IDs of all projects before having to call the getCases API for each separate project ID? So an orchestration of sorts to pull all cases existing in my instance of test rail?




Hi Martin,

Thank you for the post. There is not currently an API method that returns all of the test cases for the entire instance so the method you have described would be the recommended approach. You can retreive the project IDs with the get_projects API method. If the projects are using the single test suite project mode, you would be able to retreive all of the test cases for the project using the get_cases API method along with the project ID. If the projects are using the baselines project mode or multiple test suites mode, you would also need to supply the test suite ID.

I hope this helps!