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Export/Import of test suite (Test cases are not imported)


I have opened a test Suite and exported it to XML (‘Export Suite’). Then I have opened a new test Suite and imported the XML file (‘Import cases’). While it created the section structure correctly, no test cases were imported. I checked the XML file with an Editor and all the test cases have been exported seemingly correctly.

The Export and Import happened on the same TestRail Installation and the file was exported and imported without any modification.

Best regards,

Hi Max,

It sounds like you are exporting and importing between different TestRail instances. While the XML is the best option for perfect translation of test cases between projects and other TestRail instances. Keep in mind that any custom fields will also need to be recreated with the exact details. When a custom field is missing the XML import will simply skip over the test case and carry on. Unfortunately it does not display any error messages, currently.

I hope this helps clarify