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Export cases on Cyrilic not correct

When I try to do export cases to Excel I got unread symbols.
Like this “Анализ ФС Рё составление тест-кейсов”
How I can fix it ?

Hi @Andr_Pi, I have a workaround for you, give it a shot.
You can export your cases from TestRail as .CSV file. And then simply import it in Excel from this .CSV file. This worked just fine for me with cyrillic text and also with german special symbols (äöüß).
Have a nice day!

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@Andr_Pi Did it work for you or the issue still persists ?


@shanu.mandot Issue still persists :frowning:

Hi Andrii,

Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Could you please send an email (with all possible details of the issue) to ?