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Export cases from one testsuit and import them into another testsuit

Hi,I encountered a issue.
Now, when I export cases that has multiple steps, they are grouped in one cell.But while I want to import the cases that with multiple steps,TestRail asks me to separate them in different row.
How can I export some cases from one test suit and import them in anther test suit.It is hard for me to do this.Honestly, it is impossible.

Hi @LiJiajun,
I’m totaly with you. The export of multiple steps in a case is a mess since years.

But, did I miss something? Do you edit the cases between the export and import?
If not, why don’t you try to use to copy the cases between suites or projects?

Sorry to ask…

Thank you for your advice.Your advice is very helpful.
I am a freshman of Testrail, and I am not familiar to some functions of Testrail.
It is very kind of you.