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Export attachments or individual test cases?



We recently installed TestRail, and we are in the process of configuring it to meet our project needs. There are a few issues we are facing:

  1. We have not imported our test script library into Test Rail because there doesn’t seem to be a “pretty” way to export them back out individually. Currently, we pass all our test scripts off to a separate group of UAT testers in a Word/Excel format. When I try the export feature, it exports them all into 1 file, and is not very pretty looking. To go through and separate out each test case from the file and then somehow copy/paste it into individual files seems like it will be very time consuming. Is there a way to export out test cases into individual files that we are overlooking?

  2. As a workaround to this, we were thinking of creating a “placeholder” test case, and just attaching in our Word/Excel test scripts into it. However, there doesn’t seem to be a way to bulk export attachments? You have to go to each test case, open it up, and download it. In addition, as a tester is running the script they would have to download the file, save it to their local, update it, and upload it back to Test Rail which seems a bit cumbersome and provides room for user error. We understand TestRail is not necessarily meant to work in this way, and best practices would be to convert all our test scripts (~300 in both Word and Excel format!)…however we are still faced with the export issue.

Any ideas or thoughts? I’ve also thought about pulling all the attachments from the attachments folder on the server, however we have multiple projects using this application and everyone’s attachments are stored in one folder on the server, and difficult to sift through.



Hello Sonia,

Thanks for your posting. We would recommend using TestRail directly to manage your test cases and test results. Using the approach of exporting/external testing/re-importing results would not work well and we would recommend doing this directly in TestRail. It would be possible to use the XML exports to generate custom exports of your test cases (based on the XML files) but it would still be difficult to add your results back to TestRail if you use unstructured Excel or Word files to manage your tests with the external team.

The easiest way would be to give your UAT testers access to TestRail and add test results directly in TestRail. You can control the permissions per project if needed and also only grant permissions to add results so that test cases cannot be changed, for example.



Unfortunately the UAT group would not be able to get access to our TestRail because they are in a separate testing environment off-site, thus we have to provide them with printable copies of the scripts. We also don’t record their test results so we would never need to import the UAT versions back in. It makes sense for our internal testing group to ultimately import our scripts to manage them in TestRail, however we’re still faced with the export problem of getting them back to the UAT testers in a printable/readable format. I don’t have much experience with manipulating XML files, any suggestions on where to start?


Thanks for the additional details, Sonia. The most flexible way to process the XML files would be a regular programming language like PHP, Java or similar. If you don’t have any experience with this, I would recommend asking a colleague who could help with this.

You can alternatively also look into using the print views for the test cases/tests and they look similar to the test case/test pages you see in TestRail. Just click on the printer icon when viewing a test suite or test case and switch to the Details mode. You can also print this to a PDF file using a PDF printer.