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Export all Test Cases with results to excel


Hi Testrail,

We are new to Testrail - so hopefully you can help us:

Our setup:

  • We have approx. 300 test cases defined and all organized nicely into a meaningfull structure.
  • We have created several Test Plans including several Test Cases
  • We plan and control the actual testing via milestones - so we created a Milestone for each day we are testing, and then we assigned the test-runs to the different Milestones.

Our challenge:
We would like to extract a report each day giving us the following answer: No of test cases tested and their status - compared to the total no of test cases.

The perfect solution:
Being able to go into the “Test Case” sheet and export all Test cases including two columns:

  • “Latest Test run” - The TXXXX id for the test case
  • “Latest Test Result”

How do we do this or something similar?

Hans Christian Ove


Hi Hans,

Thanks for your posting. If you assigned the test runs to different milestones, you can simply use the milestone statistics for this. The Summary > Milestone report from the Reports tab would be a good starting point in this case and this would be similar to the milestone page with the total number of tests and untested/passed/failed etc. tests.



Hi Tobias,

Is there a way to just export the status of the 301 test cases we have so far?


Hans Christian


Hi Hans Christian,

Yes, you can simply use the CSV Export in this case and the export on the milestone level should be a good fit in this case:



Great :wink:

Hans Christian Ove


Great to hear that this works for you :slight_smile: