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Exploratory Session


Hi there - wanted to test out the new exploratory sessions and I noticed that existing TestRail users didn’t get the new templates but had the option to create them.

  1. Would be great to get the templates
  2. Adding a new template, I do not see where I can configure the fields that display for the template. Help please


TestRail 5.2 released

I was just going to ask to have the Exploratory Testing template added to our account and already found this post.

How to use custom Test Case Templates?
Missing Templates

at least here I can help. Which fields belong to which template is done in the corresponding field. So if you want to have a field added to a template, you need to edit the field - there you find the option to add this to one or more templates.

The first question, I like also to backup here - I created the single step template myself (as we have the separate step template per default), but the exploratory would be nice to have


Hi all,

Thanks for your feedback! It’s planned to add a migration guide/documentation for existing installations and this will include a step by step guide to set this up. I’m also happy to provide feedback below:

The templates for a field can be configured when you add/edit a custom/system field under Administration > Customizations. The default templates for new installations are “Test Case (Text)”, “Test Case (Steps)” and “Exploratory Session”. The custom fields are Preconditions, Steps, Expected Results for “Test Case (Text)”, Preconditions and Steps (Separated) for “Test Case (Steps)” as well as Mission and Goals for “Exploratory Session”. All fields are of type Text (except for the separated steps field which uses Steps and Step Results).

So, to get the default templates and field layouts of new installations, you would add a separated steps field (if you don’t have it already) and the Mission and Goals text fields. You would then add the two new templates and link the custom fields to the templates.

I hope this helps!



Incidentally, I ran into an IIS caching issue during my upgrade. The options to associate a Field with a Template were not available to me until I did a deep reboot of my TR server machine. I was rather unimpressed with the 5.2 Templates feature until this option made itself visible.


Hello Jerimiah,

Thanks for your feedback! It can sometimes happen that the web server caches the PHP files and restarting the web server process (e.g. IIS or Apache) would resolve this as well. It’s usually not needed to reboot the entire machine but great to hear that it works now!



Hi Tobais,

Could I know whether the step by step guide to set up the exploratory test template for existing TestRail users is available ? if so where I can find it?



Hi Nira,

Thanks for your posting! There’s currently no step-by-step guide but my explanation above already covers most aspects. The idea is to create the new template (“Exploratory Session”) and then add two custom fields of type Text (“Mission” and “Goals”). Both the template and the custom fields can be added as administrator under Administration > Customizations. You would only assign the two fields to the exploratory session template and would then have a case layout that looks as follows:

I hope this helps!


Where's the exploratory testing template?