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Expanding/collapsing sections


one highly useful feature that i would reccomend or request is Expanding/collapsing sections (±).

This will greatly improve the usability. If i have a test suit which is broken down to reasonable sections and sub-sections, then the whole suit will take the whole page to display, while i only want to focus on one particular section.

If you could squeeze this into the next or one after next release, i think it would increase the usability of the product.



Hello Evari,

Thanks for your posting. Yes, expanding/collapsing sections would be useful and it’s already on our feature request / todo list. We plan to add a few usability and performance changes for the suite page (hopefully already for the next release) and expanding/collapsing is one of the things we consider to add. I can’t make a promises at this point though since we haven’t finalized the concrete feature planning for the next release.