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Execution status is getting mapped as "backlog" instead of "Failed" in test Rail

Hi All,

I have integreated my pytest with testRail and it’s working fine incase of pass scenario.

Incase of failure, in testrail it’s marking status as “backlog” not failed.

Please let me know if anyone has any lead.

rajnish K.

Hi Rajnish,

Thanks for the post! If your test is being marked as ‘Backlog’ instead of ‘Failed’ when submitting API results, this would indicate the value passed with status_id is incorrect.

With TestRail’s default settings, ‘Failed’ would be passed as "status_id": 5" when submitting API results. You can also retrieve the full list of statuses and their corresponding IDs by using the get_statuses API method.

I hope this is helpful,

Thanks Jon for your reply.

I retreived all staus_id for my project and for failed it’s staus id is 5 but label is “blocked”.

"id": 5,
** “name”: “failed”,**
** “label”: “Backlog”,**
** “color_dark”: 9474192,**
“color_medium”: 13684944,
“color_bright”: 14737632,
“is_system”: true,
“is_untested”: false,
“is_final”: true
Can we rename the label to “failed” using update API call in TestRail.

Hi Rajnish,

The 'label' for the status would reflect the displayed name which would appear in TestRail’s UI and the 'name' for the status is the system name in TestRail’s database and is used when submitting API requests.

The label can be changed to match any description needed for your team, however the system name cannot be changed. If you need to rename or adjust the labels for your statuses, you can do this within TestRail under ‘Administration > Customizations.’ Please keep in mind that relabeling a status would affect all test cases with that status, so you should discuss this with your team before changing status labels.

Instead, you may need to simply locate the status in your implementation with the “Failed” label and submit your results with the corresponding status ID.