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Exception Logger


I’ am thinking about a exception Logger as EurekaLog or madExcept. In your opinion with is the best in conjunction with SmartInspect ?
If i use the new memory protocol how can i send log file with exception logger

Finally with the memory protocol can i use backlog ?


Ing Giuseppe Monteleone


Hello Giuseppe,

I think both exception loggers are similar. Both tools can attach additional files to the exception reports:

From time to time there are threads in the Delphi newsgroups which ask for a comparison of both tools and normally both tools are recommended. I think it’s best to test their trial version.

There’s an example in the SmartInspect online help (press F1 in the Console) which explains how to use the memory protocol to create log files which could then be used as exception report attachment. It can be found under “Working with SmartInspect | Connections and Protocols | Memory Protocol | Delphi”.

And finally, yes, the backlog feature can also be used with the memory protocol. The backlog option is a protocol option which can be used with all built-in and also custom protocols.