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Excel export produces CSV


Hi there,

I’m new to TestRail and i’m using evaluation instance (in case it might be the reason), but my problem is that when i’m trying to download the test run report as XLS, it just does not work and produces the same result as when i download it as CSV (the same file content, structure, name and content-type).


  • Opening existing test run
  • Export Run
  • Export to Excel
    -> getting file like test_run_xxxx.CSV

Could anyone advise how to fix it?

PS The same functionality also behaves incorrectly for “Test Case” export (also keep getting CSV instead of XLS).


Hello vk,

Thanks for your posting. Both the Excel and CSV exports produce a .CSV file. It’s just that the Excel export is optimized for Excel whereas the CSV export always produces a comma-separated CSV file. The Export and CSV look similar/the same in most cases but may differ depending on the locale of the TestRail user and may also use something else than a comma as a delimiter (e.g., a semi-colon as some Excel environments expect this). We chose the CSV format for Excel as well because CSV files work with every Excel version and also other spreadsheet applications such as Google Spreadsheets or Numbers on the Mac.

I hope this helps and I look forward to your reply.



Hi Tobias,

Thanks for your reply. I was actually trying to open the CSV file that was generated in both Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac OS and Numbers - and both do not open the file properly. It looks very much like a problem of correct separator character because if i change it to “;”, the file opens relatively fine (and the file that was generated after Export has columns separated by “,”).

In addition, even if i fix separator character, Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac does not correctly detect BOM in the beginning of the file and shows it as a part of column title.

Could you somehow fix this to avoid all this fuss and make “Export to Excel” experience smooth for users without technical background?

PS “Language and Region” settings are

  • Region: Germany
  • Format Language: English
  • Preferred Languages: English, German


Hello Vitalii,

Thanks for your reply. You can generate ‘;’ delimited CSV files by switching the Locale for your user to German in TestRail (under My Settings at the top of the page). We will make sure to look into the BOM issue. I hope this helps!




Thank you for support and confirming that changing “Default Locale” from Site Settings menu has done the trick with “;” delimiter.

Looking forward to hear updated on BOM topic.


You are welcome, Vitalii, and please let us know in case I can help with anything else.