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Example to show "Test Results" "For Test" tab in Jira

Hi there,

My small brain cannot figure out how to display results in the “For Tests” location tab within Jira:

I am able to see results in “All Results” and “For Cases”. As well, I found the following article, but I am still confused. LOL.

May I have an example work-flow?


Hi Shawn,

The “For Tests” section of the TestRail for JIRA addon is to display TestRail results which have been linked through the defect field. With JIRA also integrated on the TestRail end, when submitting test results you’ll be able to use the Push link to quickly create new JIRA issues, the returning JIRA ID is auto-filled in TestRail linking the results to the new issue. You can also link to existing issues by simply filling in the defect field with a known JIRA ID.

The “For Cases” will also display test results for any TestRail cases that have the JIRA ID in the references field. Which method you use (or both) will depend on how you team prefer to operate.

I hope that helps clarify and let me know if you have further questions.

Hi vtran,

Thank you for the details. I am able to create and push a defect from the test run and it will display in “All Results” however, it is not displaying in “For Tests”. I am guessing we may be missing a configuration or mapping in the Jira integration?

Below is a screenshot from my sample project. I am guessing “PAT-3401” should display in the “For Tests” tab as well?

Hi Shawn,

Since the addon pulls the data to populate the “For Tests” from the defect field in TestRail. On the TestRail side you would also need to ensure the defect integration is properly configured. An easy check would be to add a test result and check if the “Push” link works. If so this defect field is what the addon will reference to link test result data with the JIRA issue.

As a reminder this would be for test results specifically and tests with no results would not be listed. I hope that helps clarify, but you are also welcome to submit more detailed info to for a deeper dive.

Very odd. I did “Push” from the following location when failing a test:


I’ll contact the Gurock support to see if they have any ideas. :slight_smile: