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Example for using Smartinspect in


Hello I used Samrtinspect ini my winfom apps and server apps, Great!!!
Now i would like to use it in an app.
I need a blueprint:
Where to put the log.file,
Where to put init code etc.
A little sample in C# would help a lot.

Best regards
Tom Lüers


Hello Tom,

There are two ASP.NET examples distributed together with the SmartInspect setup. They can be found in your SmartInspect installation directory under “example\csharp\aspnet-simple” and “example\csharp\aspnet-advanced”. aspnet-simple is a basic example which should give you a good starting point on how to use SmartInspect in ASP.NET applications. aspnet-advanced builds on top of the basic example and introduces advanced features such as the SmartInspect session concept. Hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any specific questions about the examples.