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Estimation time: not available if I create test plans in order to execute the test runs



I would like to explain first the way we are using testrail in our project and then ask my question.

We have created some test suites. But because we have several devices, on which the software can be loaded, during each milestone I am doing the following:

  1. Create a test plan for each device.
  2. In each test plan, I add the different test suites.
    At the end of the milestone, I close it.

My problem is that I cannot see the estimate time for each test suite? Do you have anything to propose to me?

Kind regards


Hi Evi,

Thanks for your posting. You can find the progress, estimate and projected completion date on the Progress page. This applies to both the overall test plan but you can also open the Progress page to see the progress/estimate/projected completion date per test run:

I hope this helps!