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Escaping characters in Defect Plugin Description Template


I need to escape the ‘%’ character in my Jira_REST Description field template. I am using TestRail v4.0.2.3269.

I have a line in my template:
{panel:title=Reproducibility(100%, 75%, etc)|borderStyle=solid|borderColor=#ccc|titleBGColor=#F7D6C1}


When I ‘Push’ the test result, the resulting Push Defect dialog changes this to:
{panel:title=Reproducibility(100, etc)|borderStyle=solid|borderColor=#ccc|titleBGColor=#F7D6C1}


You can see in the two underlined areas, that I am losing the ‘%’ and characters beyond. I have attempted ‘%’, ‘’, before the percent character and eliminating spaces and to no avail.

Is there a trick to escaping the ‘%’ to allow its pass through?



Hello Tom,

Thanks for your posting. Escaping a %…% sequence (used for variables) is currently not supported and you would need to change the formatting a bit. Do you have the option to use a different character for the % character (not ideal, I know, I added this to our list of things to look into)?



Much thanks for looking into it! No problem working around it. Thanks.


That’s great to hear, Tom!