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Escalate assigned data to Dashboard


It seems that Dashboard data should be personalized to the User logged in by aggregating all of their assigned items. e.g. The dashboard will have a ToDo tab that shows ALL of their ToDOs across all the projects.

The Dashboard already only shows projects to which the user has access, I would like other aggregate data to appear there as well.




Hi Mike,

Thanks for the suggestion. We currently show the number of to-dos for the current user for the different projects in the sidebar, but we have thought about adding a global Todo tab so you can see your to-dos for the various projects. Eventually we would like to make the dashboard more flexible so users can change the layout/items displayed on the dashboard, but this will still take some time. I’ve added your suggestion to our feature request so we can consider it as part of other dashboard improvements.



A global to-do list and a more flexible dashboard would be very handy for us too.


Hello Jan,

Thanks for your feedback, that’s appreciated. I’ve just added another vote to the feature request and we will look into it again for one of the next versions.