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Errors and slow response times in TestRail Cloud instances

Hi everyone - we’re aware of some critical issues in our TestRail Cloud instances currently. Users may be seeing error messages like the following:

  • Too many connections
  • expects parameter 1 to be mysqli
  • Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function fetch_object()

Please be assured that we are looking into the problems urgently. We will provide a further update shortly.

Please accept my sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused in the meantime.



The same problem
Too many connction or Timeout…

Thanks for letting us know. This is something that is affecting us as well.

Our instance is working for short periods of time, but ultimately we are getting this error every two to three minutes.


We experiencing the same problem.
Thank you for to let us know

We’re also affected by this issue (functional and performance). Please provide a resolution. Thankyou.

Hi everyone - we believe the issue should be resolved for all cloud users.

I’d appreciate it if you could let me/us know if you continue to experience slow performance or error messages such as the examples above.

Once again, please accept my apologies for any inconvenience caused - and thanks for your patience while we investigated and (hopefully!) resolved it.



Performance is back to normal, and (so far) the errors are gone…
Thanks for the quick fix!

Things seem to be looking better for us now, thanks Simon

Errors are gone and performance is much better. thanks for resolution.

Simon, what is the way to provide provide feedback on support, accessibility. Can you share some contact in product or customer success team. You can write-me at

Performance has improved and we haven’t encounter any errors so far!
Thanks for quick response!

Hello, performance is back up and the errors are gone, but I have problem with the push defect dialogue now.

ALSO I noticed I don’t have a UPDATE button/possibility for TestRail in JIRA in my APP management

Hi @Lende - I already responded to the app update question on another thread:

With regards to the push defect dialogue, I don’t think this is related to the 6.3 release or app upgrade. I’d suggest checking your integration settings in the first instance, and if you continue to experience problems in this regard, post them here or raise a support ticket via


@Lende @sjpknight

I’ve made some checking and I believe stuff goes wrong upon adding custom field.

Two scenario tested.

  1. The [push.fields] working correctly without custom fields used. However the 404 message will appear when there’s custom field included

2.If i made it to be

default fields


It’ll only show custom field without the default fields

Hope that helps for debugging

@Dreamer I must confirm this is valid point. Removed the custom field in the project I didn’t need it and the push works again.THANK YOU sooo much :hugs:

Can you please investigate this? I have project where I cannot remove the custom fileds, because JIRA requests them, so this has to work either way.I sent an email to the gurock support already, so I will update with this info.

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Hi @sjpknight,

We’re seeing the below error on our Cloud instance when trying to access the OVERVIEW section of a project.

Is it back again?

Hi, we have the same issue. The pushing defect loading is very slow… Cloud Jira; we use the custom fields in the defect plugin.
And another critical issue:
Sometime the JIRA URL is removed from the “Configure JIRA Integration”
And the jira_email and jira_token is removed from User Variable…


Hi Tal,

Welcome to the TestRail Community and thanks for letting us know of the issue you’re having.
So we can look into this further and work to resolve this issue, can you send an email to our support team at In this email, can you also include the Jira and TestRail versions you are using?