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Error when viewing test suite in TestRail 5.2


I just upgraded to TestRail 5.2 and when I click the link to view the contents of a test suite (, I get the following error message:

Creating default object from empty value

Unfortunately, I’m not seeing anything written to our logs, so I’m uncertain what’s causing the problem. FWIW, this is limited to this particular test suite; other test suites open without incident.


Hi there!

I believe we are already in touch via email regarding this issue and are currently reviewing the log files. If this is for a different account/customer and you aren’t in touch with us yet (I cannot tell from your registered email), can you email us at



Yes, that is correct. I’ll update this thread with the reported fix in case it happens to bite someone else.


We are looking into this right now and provide steps via email. This won’t be a general fix and is related to the section hierarchy.



Hi, I am receiving the same error. Please email me the fix. Our system is totally down and won’t display sections or test cases


If you have issues with a Hosted Test Rail - the best thing to do is to email the support team. Especially if the site is down.


This is an on-prem installation, not hosted and I emailed support. No
response yet

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