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Error when using YouTrack Plugin


Hi there,

I have configured TestRail (cloud) to talk with our internal YouTrack. It basically works with the URLs (i.e. I can open the Reference or Defect), but the preview popup throws an error:

“Plugin “YouTrack” returned an error: StartTag: invalid element name Entity ‘nbsp’ not defined”

What does that mean. Is it a problem on YouTrack side or on TestRail side?

My configuration looks like this:

Problem while integrating with youtrack

Hello Detlef,

Thanks for your posting! This looks like an issue with the response returned by YouTrack and it might contain invalid XML. Do you use a TestRail Cloud instance or a self-hosted installation? If TestRail Cloud, it would be great if you could send a quick email to and we would enable debug logging to take a look at the communication between TestRail and YouTrack. If you are using a self-hosted installation, you can enable debug logging yourself and forward the log files via email as well: