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Error when assigning a test run with the test case pane expanded



When performing the following actions I get the error message “Undefined variable: timer”:

  1. Open a test run
  2. Expand a test case (making use of the new 3 pane view)
  3. Click Assign to > Assign all in filter > User: Me

Using TestRail v5.1.0.3413



Hi Palf,

Thanks for your posting and reporting this issue! Yes, this is a known issue and has already been fixed internally. The fix will be available with the upcoming 5.2 update. The tests are correctly assigned, it’s just that the three-pane view is not correctly reloaded for the current test (can be reloaded manually by pressing q and q).



Glad to hear, thanks for letting me know!


You are welcome and thanks again for reporting this!