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Error - Undefined index: email

All users on our instance are receiving an error when trying to access Overview, Milestones, Test Runs & Results, & Test Cases: Undefined index: email

We are using TestRail v6.5.0.1298, this just started yesterday.

It appears there is a bug with the Github Plugin, following these steps fixed this for us:

  1. Navigate to

a. If GitHub is not configured globally, click on the project name for the project which uses the plugin.

  1. Copy your existing GitHub settings into a temporary text file

  2. On both the Defects and References tabs, change the plugin to the blank value at the top of the list

  3. Save your settings

  4. Go back to the Defects and References tabs and choose GitHub

  5. Copy your user, password, owner, and name values back into the GitHub plugin settings.

(You do not need to enter anything for ‘email’ or ‘username’. These values are not used and will be removed when the initial bug is fixed.)

  1. Save your integration settings.



That’s great to hear that you are able to continue using the GitHub integration without issue now.

BTW, welcome to the TestRail Community !


I have tried the above-mentioned steps, But I am still getting the same issue Undefined index

Can I please get more help in resolving this issue?