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Error Occurred (403 ) message appears when trying to watch ticket info in the References column

Hi there, have integrated Jira cloud with TestRail, everything looks fine except such error when try to check ticket info in the References column

Plugin “Jira_Cloud_REST” returned an error: Invalid user or password or insufficient permissions for the integration user (HTTP code 403). Please check the Jira User value in the Integration and/or User Settings has been configured correctly.

By tap on the ticket link the correct ticket page opens in Jira.
Matched several times password, user name / email - everything should be OK. Could you please advice how it’s can be fixed

Hey Maks,

This error would typically indicate a credential issue in your integration settings or a permissions issue on the JIRA side. Please send over an email to with this information and we would be happy to take a deeper look!

Hi Joseph! How long it can take to check this case? I have sent an email to straight after your reply, but unfortunately haven’t received any reply yet :slightly_frowning_face:

Hello, has there been any updates or anyone found a solution for this issue?

Hi we are getting the same issue, please let me know how to fix it?