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Error 404 when pushing a defect to JIRA

Hello there, I just integrated TestRail with our JIRA instance and everything works ok (links in Test cases work, hovering over the failed tests work and shows the JIRA bugs details) however when I try and push a defect this won’t work.
When I click on the "push " the new window showing the details opens, but as soon as I select the right project in the "project field I get the 404 error.
How can I solve this? could this be a network issue?

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I’m having the same issue but I don’t even get a pop up with a drop down to select which project.

usually I hate these silly questions, but did you check your configuration for the integration? Usually it is a wrong server address, user or similar. Only somethimes it can become tricky…

Better send a screenshot of your integration setting to the support by mail and ask for help.

– Karsten

Hi Karsten, checking the integration was the first move plus all the other integration-related functions work, such as link to jira cases with visualization of the defects details, and vice versa from JIRA the visualization of the test runs directly from JIRA. Also my user rights for JIRA as admin should facilitate the process but I still get the error. I might actually get in touch with support directly.